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Heal An Injury In 30 Days

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It's just you and your body on a journey of reconnection.

Your body has what it takes to heal anything.

If you've experienced pain or fatigue for months, years, or even decades - consider the idea that your body is trying to tell you something.

Pain is a message from your body to your brain.

This course, Heal an Injury in 30 Days, will teach you how to interpret that message and act accordingly so that you can get back to training safely.

In the course you will learn the "6 Zone Assessment", a 7 minute laying or standing routine to quickly assess the level of connection you have to specific muscle areas in your body, finding weaknesses and great strengths.

With those insights, you will practice a 60 second protocol for improving the connection you have to those "weakly connected muscles", where you can then recheck your discomforts, injuries, and/or performance level.

They key to seeing the greatest benefit is choosing something to assess before and after the 6 Zone Assessment and each 60 Second Connection Protocol.

Check out the long video below to see how this works in practice, unedited.


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